How to Change Wifi names And Password from the Router

Change Wifi names from the router

To change your WiFi network SSID name just follow blue stop steps have I am using a mobile phone and TP-link router If you are using other routers then I hope the setting is as same as Here.

There are a lot of people who do not have to change the user name and password of their hotspot or WiFi network, we will change how you change your WiFi name and password below and we will tell you step by step, which will give you complete details below Simultaneously.

you have been explained through photos and you can easily change the name of your WiFi and you can find the best WiFi name on our website. For that very unique that provided you can use the Wi-Fi Neem can use for your coffee shop office home any WiFi network SSID’s
1=go to your router’s IP address in a browser
2=Login as an Admin
3=Open the wireless section
4=Look for the PassphrasePassword or shared key
5=Type a new password into the blank
6=Save your changes

List of Awesome WiFi Names collection


How to Change Wifi name step by step guide

#Step 1=Enter your router IP in the browser address bar remember this it is different for router company I have given all possible it also you can search it on Google for your router IP
Tip-link Default IP – |
D-Link default IP –
MI Wi-Fi 3C/4C IP-

change Wifi names from the router

Step 2=After Entering the Address you will Discover a page see on below screenshot, how are you need to Enter user and password the default username and password is admin also you can find your router’s use password in behind the box.



funny wifi names

3= After feeling your login details just click on the login button.

4= Now in the left side Hona you will find three dots click on that day you will find many options click on wireless among from them.

5= Now some option again appeared from there you need to select a wireless setting.

6= Now you find a writing Space Beside Wireless Network Name. Now just Enter Your Chosen Name from the funny WiFi names collection list and Press Save to save the New Name

funny wifi names


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